Amsterdam for the Weekend, Pt. 1

I spent the weekend in Amsterdam and, while I'll give you full details later, I just wanted to pop in to share my absolute glee in finding these novelty wooden clogs at the Stromma Boat Stop in Oude Pijp (a few blocks from the Heineken Experience). I sent these photos to my dad and he told me I clearly need to get a pair. lol.

Art Chic

Every single person in my family is tired of me buying art and I don't know what to tell them. I have this massive collection piled up on the floor because I can't even begin to plan how to lay them out in a cohesive story. If I had my way, I'd live in a studio that is also a gallery with my belongings being part of the permanent exhibit. I need art everywhere and at all times. lol.

Wear Your Established Closet More in 2018

Due to the explosion of social media and the increased accessibility to fast fashion in the past decade, our relationship with clothing has greatly changed. As clothing and fashion accessories are priced much cheaper, we're easily suckered into a constant stream of shiny new things. If we post an outfit to Instagram or Facebook, we feel as if we can never wear it again because... God forbid it looks like we have actual utility and value for the pieces we purchase.