'You allow things', he told me... [Black Girl In The City #1]

"Hmmm... I guess I do", I thought as I smiled to myself.

Life had taught me the hard way that it is never in your best interest to attempt to train or change someone into something that mimics your wants or desires. Instead, it was better to learn who they are and then decide to enjoy, or dismiss, them for that definition. Not what you want; what you have. The goal is to always allow people to be who they are.

"Absolutely!", I responded. "I let people be who they are. I think they're more enjoyable that way".

"But.. what about you?", he coolly responded.

I drew a blank. "What about me?"

I struggled to see the correlation.

What does me supporting the goals and the potential flourishing of those around me have to exactly do with me?

I responded with some bit about how I have a master plan for success and he need not worry. Something that weakly covered my discomfort with the question. Hours later, as I lay quietly in the dark gazing at the cold silence brewing outside the blinds of my bedroom window, the question continued to dance around the foldings of my mind.

"But.. what about you?"

I hate when he does that shit.


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