Dressing Room Diaries

When I received the email announcing a special 20% off all clothes in store on Thanksgiving Eve, my mind was stayed on only once place once I left work at 3pm on Wednesday: All-Son Camo Cargo Pants.

As the Queen Camo Aficionado and Enthusiast, I have been searching for the perfect pair of camo cargos to make my life complete.

While I love a good skinny pant as much as the next woman, I knew that I crave comfort above all. Because who knows the comfort of the best fit ever that looks just as amazing in a bold lip and towering 6'" heel as it does in blistex and Jordans than the closet of an unsuspecting male friend who happens to wear the size that best compliments your frame. There is so much life to be had in the boyfriend button up, boyfriend cardigan, boyfriend jeans, and... well... the boyfriend everything.Thus, my personal quest for the perfect camo pant was centered in the mysterious yet wildly amazing male clothing department.

Now, the problem with walking into stores on Thanksgiving Eve when Black Friday Fever is nigh is that just about everything is on sale. Including the perfect faux fur coat you were searching for online but weren't totally committed to purchasing yet but since you're getting it at 60% off then why not commit. And the leather sleeved denim jacket that is marked down almost $25 cheaper in stores than online sales would suggest were the better price and will, consequently, easily become your wardrobe staple.

And that is the riveting tale of how one became three.

Wearing: Deena & Ozzy High-Top Wedge Sneakers, All-Son Camo Cargo Pants, byCORPUS Outsiders JacketForever 21 Sweater, Marc Jacobs Watch, Sparkle & Fade Faux Fur Jacket, Mitchell & Ness Patriots Snakeskin Strapback


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