Hello, Hi, Hey, How You Doing?

I love fashion.
I love reading.
I love styling.
I love art.
I love music.
I love photography.
I love writing.

Despite by super science background (I was in pre-med magnet programs for middle and high schools and have B.S. in Biology), I am a really artsy girl. I've always been passionate about self-expression and the fun, whimsical ways the various creative arts always for life to be displayed.

And this is my creative outlet so expect a fun mix of photography, fashion, make-up, styling, poetry, short stories, music, and more.

Welcome to The Jane Tales!


  1. No Idea you had a blog! I'm subscribing!

    1. thanks, boo! I am just getting around to putting the word out. I wanted to make sure I was consistently posting first. lol

    2. Doing great! Love your blog already!