Kate Lanphear [ICON]

Minimalism is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect (thanks, Wikipedia). Elimination of the non-essential and use of simple elements for maximum effect.

I've always loved the minimalist design. Influenced by the Japanese culture of Zen Philosophy, minimalism seems to transmit the freedom and essence of living. It is easy life and living to me.

In the deepest and dearest corners of my heart, I am a minimalist. I crave open space and clean lines. With fashion and styling, I love the challenge and simplicity of essentials that are carefully mixed and matched to presented in a refreshing manner. That certainty of style and presentation. I know who I am; I know what I like; I don't have to redefine myself every season; Forget the trends; Watch me work. I've always viewed minimalism as a mixing materials and textures on a neutral palette. Think sheer black blouse, black feathered skirt, black leather jacket, with black leather clutch and black leather shoes.

I can't say my closet reflects this ideology but.... yea.... it's something I genuinely aspire.

Minimalism is Kate Lanphear.

Her weapon of choice is black. She occasional mixes whites and grays. Or vintage pieces. But... black is always the dominating theme. And her platinum blonde look sets the style off. The "Lanphear Look" elevates the age-old jeans/tees/platforms/motorcycle jacket combo into something insanely fashion-forward and impossible to emulate. Authentic cool.

Originally from Virginia and the daughter of federal judges, Lanphear began her fashion career in Australia, where she worked every fashion-related job she could find. Eventually she scored work at Australian Vogue and Australian Harper's Bazaar; eight years later, she returned to the States and took a job at American Harper's Bazaar and soon got a position of Style Director at US Elle. After six years with the publication, it was recently announced that Lady Lanphear is departing from the magazine.

I absolutely adore her aesthetic.

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