I'm Sort of a Book Hoarder...

I read all my books (eventually) but... yea... I have this slight obsession with new reads. I just don't have enough time in my day to devote to reading leisurely as I would like.

Anyway, I picked up these two books today. My favorite girl and my favorite hobby.

I bought a styling book. Because... you know... I like styling but I don't really know much about styling. Don't know the history or who the game-changers are/were or in what avenues they work. The book has gorgeous spreads and stories. I figure if I get bored, I'd at least have a very dope coffee table book to put on my coffee table once I acquire one.

Amy Winehouse was my everything. I feel like I loved her like most people loved Michael Jackson. I mean.. I was saddened by the death of the King of Pop but.. when Amy died? My heart broke. I remember standing near the door of Youth Church and greeting teens as they walked in. I casually looked down at my phone during an extended break in the flow of traffic.

"Amy Winehouse, age 27, found dead in her London home". 

My chest tightened up and I remember gasping for air. How could she be gone? She had begun gaining weight and seemed to be triumphing over her eating disorder. She seemed to be off the drugs; her behavior less erratic and frantic. She had finalized her divorce from her husband, the guy that introduced her to the hard drugs and altered the course of her life. She was in the studio recording her 3rd album. She was living that clean slate she so desperately needed. Seemed such more at peace. How could she be gone?

When I saw her dad wrote a memoir about her life, I immediately added it to my Amazon shopping cart. Since God favors me, I found the book on sale at Urban for $10 on Thanksgiving Eve. Popped it open on my third page in and started tearing up 4 pages into the Prologue.

That Girl. My girl. She was a special soul.

I can't wait to finish reading the book. It seems as if her father crafted something beautiful.

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