Battle of the Beltway

As an avid footall fan, I was super stoked when a friend gave me tickets to see the Ravens v. Redskins game (affectionately dubbed the "Battle of the Beltway"). Now, I'm no fan of the local DMV teams (note: our loyalty is fully Patriots aligned over here) but... who gives up free football tickets? Especially when the seats are in Row 2 of the end zone?? Nothing I would ever have to do could be more important for those 3 hours on a Sunday.

"How did you feel about the Redskins win?", you ask...

I hated them. Okay, "hate" may be a strong word. "Disinterest" is more apropos.

When I first move to the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia Metropolitan Area) several years ago, I lived in Baltimore for several years. And, despite what you may hear or have seen on television, it is an amazing city. I truly enjoyed my time there. And, let me say this: Baltimoreans are LOYAL and DILIGENT. They breathe and live and die that royal purple. Also, I like Ray Lewis because he's from Florida. I've spend far too many Casual Fridays surrounded by Purple and Black garb and too many hours swooning over the amazingness that is Ray Lewis to confidently cheer against the Ravens.

I would have loved to see the Ravens win but the Redskins played a great game and secured the win in overtime. And Robert Griffin III is an amazing player. I'm glad I got to see him in action live.

My mint green vans getting stepped on where the darkest part of my day. But, I've heard that gives the shoe character. Thus, I shall let it flourish.

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