Everyone Loves An Ugly Sweater

And, by "everyone", there is a great possibility that I just mean "me". But I am totally cool and comfortable with that. Snowmen, tassels, sequins, and glaring colored patterns really just make my heart sing a good song of cheer and love. Holiday sweaters are just so fun!

Because its finals seasons and I had no plans on attending the fete and I was supposed to only be there for 2 hours so I can get back to my work and my closet was ill-prepared to handle the necessity of ugly sweateredness, I simply wore a black v-neck and purple double-split maxi skirt. Note: I didn't get home until 3 o'clock in the morning. Jane 0. Extreme Living 1.

Thanks for throwing such a spectacular event! Life at Le Chateau is always a taste of amazingness.

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