Style Diary: 2012 in Review

I'm not sure what words I would use to describe my personal style but.. I can say that my clothing options for 2012 were all over the place. As was my hair style choices.

I love prints, bold colors, and textures. Furs, denim, tribal prints, fringe, camo, leather... *shivers*... they make my soul so happy. I also love casual clothes and being comfortable. Sneakers, leggings, men's shirts, and baggy sweaters. I love classic silhouettes but with a twist. I love sandals as much as I am obsessed with my 5' heels.

Is my style Casual Bohemian Classic? I'm not really sure that fully describes me or is even a genre of style of dress but I think I may try to own it. Clothes, in sense, are a time for imagination. The older I get, the more my penchant for dressing up evolves and expands. Its so whimsical and fun!

Yet, this year, I plan was on streamlining my look. I want to feel like my wardrobe is more cohesive. I want the story to be congruent. We'll see how this goes.


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