Dawn Richard & GoldenHeart

Dawn Richard.
New Orleans native
Contestant on Making the Band which lead to her inclusion in the group Danity Kane.
Danity Kane disbands after 2 [amazing] albums and Dawn sits in limbo.
Diddy decides to create the group 'Dirty Money' and Dawn has a job again.
After one album [filled with great songs], Dirty Money disbands.
Most people viewed them as Diddy and 2 background singers and never really gave them a chance.
Dawn decides she has had enough, asks and is released from her Bad Boy contract, and goes independent.
After dropping several EPs, Dawn Richard gives us her latest project earlier this month with GoldenHeart.
Her first video is for the song '86.

I'm a big Dawn Richards fan.
I love her progressive R&B music. 
I love that she isn't afraid to push the envelope and raise the bar when it comes to her music and visuals.
A pretty brown girl who is my hair muse and always models fiercely in photo shoots.

I have yet to hear GoldenHeart in its entirety but I'm excited to add it to my collection.
A Prelude to a Tell Tale Heart and Armor On were phenomenal projects.
She really puts out great and authentic music.
Huffington Post just did a great interview with her. Check it out here.
Her blog is also pretty phenomenal. Check it out here.
She's currently on tour. She'll be in Washington, D.C. on February 24 at The Howard Theatre
(along with Aaron Camper and Bridget Kelly)
I'll be there. Hope you will be too.



  1. Never really listened to the music of Danity Kane outside of 'Damaged' but I will give her a try!


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