Esther Quek [ICON]

It's really hard not to notice the pixi cute and tailored menswear influences paired with 5" stilettos. The first time I saw a picture of Esther Quek and her platinum blonde pixi, I made plans to cut off my hair (and followed through with it a few weeks later). She is captivating.

Quek is the group fashion director at classic digital menswear magazine The Rake, the self-proclaimed to be the “modern voice of classic elegance.” Curious to where the name of the magazine came from, I decided to do a little etymology research. Turns out a "rake" is an old-school term for a usually handsome, fashionable, and/or wealthy man who is also careless with the hearts of others. Staying in step with what appears to be the target audience of the magazine, Quek often dresses as ode to the quintessential well-dressed bad boy when she makes her rounds to the fashion weeks around the world.

The pixie-haired Singaporean street style icon, often portrayed on Jak&Jil and Citizen Couture and Stockholm Streetstyle, has amassed quite a cult following for her perfectly androgynous style. I see her almost daily on my Tumblr dashboard. As a style ambassador for a men's magazine, Quek seems to have mastered sport coats, spread-collars, ties and colorful pocket squares. She loves mixing classic menswear elements in her feminine outfits and does it all with colorful finesse.

Don't you just love her? I know I do. I am a very big big fan of menswear but have never attempted to incorporate many looks into style. The closest I've ever got is the addition of approximately 6 seldom-worn blazers in my closet. And, in this day and age, that is not saying much of anything. She inspires me to add and perfectly execute tailored menswear pieces to my style. Feminine menswear versus solely dressing up in menswear.

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