Frames for Your Face

Do you know what kind of frames best suit your face?

For many years, I constantly bought pairs that I thought were cute and would look decent on me just for me to hate them after the first or second wear. Also, because of the low retention rate of my frames, I never invested in any high-end frames no matter how obsessed I was at the moment. Somehow, over the past couple of years I have managed to hold on to a few frames and have created a slight collection. Ironically, I only wear two consistently.

I finally think I'm starting to finally understand what styles best suit my face. I have this mostly-oval-yet-slightly-round thing happening and, thus, find that over-sized frames or angular frames (i.e. wayfarers) suit me best. As much as I want to try a cat-eye frame, they just haven't proven to be in my best interest.

Do you know what frames suit your face best? Here's a quick guide:

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