Know Your Body Shape

All and all, there are approximately 12 different body shapes that women often come in. I've decided to list and describe the most common ones in order for you to realize your own body shape. Once you realize your type, it'll be much easier for you to find different clothes and styles that best complement your shape. In future post, when describing different key elements for one's closet, I'll attempt to find different styles of that item which work well for each body type.

Top Heavy 
These women tend to have broader shoulders and/or bust and narrower hips, and do not usually have a clear defined waistline. If your blouse size is larger than your skirt size, try tailored crisp styles - dark jackets and pale trousers, straight skirts, leggings, waist jackets and simple neck lines. Avoid smock-style dresses and blouses that hang directly from the bust. They make you look large in places where you are not. Instead, opt for clothes with under the bust shaping to show off your curves.

 Balance out your bottom half by donning a floaty skirt neatly cinched in at the waist with a belt.

Apple shaped women have a thick waist and often have little or no definition. Avoid skinny trousers and jeans. Instead, try flattering loose leg trousers that are simple with no detailing around the hips. Don't be tempted to wear pencil skirts - instead, choose a flat, pleated style with a front band that will hold in your tummy.

Go for smock style jackets and tops that work by easing out from the bust and gently cover your curves.

The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement. Avoid garments with mannish cuts, big prints, shoulder pads. Feminine details such as blouses with ruffles or frills add a sense of femininity and a soft shape to your silhouette. Dresses with a full skirt and detailing up top are an easy way to add curves.

Fitted jackets darts at the waist and wide lapels will give a much-needed shape.

Pear or Spoon
This is my body shape. These women tend to be more slender on top with a hip measurement which is greater than the bust measurement. Most of the weight is place in the hips, thighs and butt and any extra weight or gained weight usually place from the hip down. Dark colored, wide-legged trousers are a must. A pair of pants that are the same width all the way down and hang from the hips can slim you down perfectly.

Wear details up top. Whether it's pattern or jewelry, make sure you wear it on the top half of your figure to draw the eye upwards.

The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Emphasize your curves with dresses that are knee length and taken in or belted at the waist. Choosing clothing made from supportive fabrics - avoid loose flowing fabrics that can swamp your figure. Avoid A-line skirts, which can over exaggerate your bottom half. Boxy jackets, long length jackets and very wide belts can add too much bulk to your bottom half.

Curvy figured ladies look fabulous in pencil skirts. Belt it to emphasize your waist but make sure you stick to plain ones in block color.

Full Figure
Go for skirts with flat front panel at the top to hold you in and a flared skirt to hide heavy legs. A-line coats are so flattering - try one with flared or bracelet length sleeves that will disguise full arms. Choose tunics and kaftans with light and floaty fabric that will skim over rather then cling to your curves.

Wear Dresses!! Ensure you get the most flattering styles by opting for the ones with full skirts. Cinch that waist to give you the perfect hourglass shape.

I think knowing your body shape and what cuts & styles best flatter you're shape are very important when it comes to presenting your best self. Always pick and choose which fashion trends you assimilate into your style based on your persona as well as your body shape. Not to say you look awful if you don't dress according to your shape, you just look much better when you do. And it does wonders for the confidence you have when you step out the door wearing something that fits you you perfectly.

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