Mixed Metals

In the past, I've kept my gold-, silver-, and bronze-toned jewelry strictly quarantined for fear of clashing... silver accents on a sandal meant silver jewelry and silver accents on my purse. I would even fret over the tiniest details, like whether the grommets on my jeans matched the hardware on my sandals. I really did a lot but... I think that just the general mindset. The fashion rules can be rather taxing at times.

But, thanks to street style blogs and more realistic and carefree inspirations, fashion has becoming a little less constricted...

Mixed Metals

There is something about the contrast of different shades and patinas of metal that has that exotic, worldly, bohemian feel. I love eclectic, bold, and carefree vibe. Fashion should be fun, right? Even better, for practical types like myself, it matches everything!

Who doesn't love convenience??

May your days, nights, and dreams be filled with mixed metallica schemes.


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