New Nude. Or Not?

We come in some many different shades and colors.

From pale ivory skin of Lily Cole to the warm deep brown of Ajak Deng and everything thing in between. The different shades of all of us is what makes everything so breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

My question is this:

Is it too much to ask for a version of nude that is actually nude on my skin?

I have a plethora of "nude" shoes, bags, and underwear in my closet which are no where near the color of my skin.  I am a dark brown girl; not cream or warm tan. I'm grateful that at least underwear have become a more accommodating with their shades of nude in recent years but...

My goodness! What's girl to do to get a good pair of truly nude heels in her closest? Do I have to by six different nude-looking lip colors to find one that only semi-looks right on me if I mix it with something else? The nude trend has been pretty persistent over the past couple of years. I would have thought that, by now, designers would get hip to the complexion game and be a little more giving with their offerings. Why no variation?

I love my nude clutch. I love my nude pumps. I love my nude platform wedges. I love my nude booties. I love my nude platform pumps. I really really do. They are, by far, my go-to shoes and accessories most days.

I just they were a little bit more truly nude on me.

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