Shala Monroque [STYLE ICON]

So we know there aren't two many brown girls so I, personally, get ecstatic when I see one making her way through.
I absolutely adore Shala because of her beautiful smile and whimsical preppy chic style.
She always seems to be enjoying life in nearly every snap I've ever seen of her. She exudes joy.
And this comes off in her style of dress. No real rules; just wearing what she loves.
I love that confidence.
I don't know much about her except that she is from St. Lucia, is an art enthusiast turned fashionista, and currently works as the Creative Director of GARAGE Magazine.
Her personal blog is really fun. As is her Tumblr. Harper's Bazaar has a cool feature of her.
Shala is just one of my favorites.

Check out this cool mini-interview from Net-A-Porter.



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    1. thanks so much! i'm glad you enjoyed the post and i look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future :)