H&M A/W 2013

Helen Hunt in a custom made silk satin gown from H&M
at the 85th Academy Awards ceremony

Three days after crashing the Oscars red carpet by dressing Helen Hunt in a silk satin strapless gown, H&M crashed Paris Fashion Week when it hosted its first runway show in eight years. Showing their collection in a tent made to look like a 15 room apartment (filled with maids, a marble bathroom, Moroccan lounge, Art Deco sitting room, a outer-space themed child's bedroom, and more) on the grounds of the Musée Rodin, the clothes seemed to celebrate the bohemian glam of the 1970s with an ode to sequins, sheer fabrics, neutral colors, and the increasingly popular monochromatic trend.

Shingai Shoniwa [FASHION ICON]

I don't really know anything about The Noisettes.
I've heard their name tossed around for years but I have never really checked their music.
But... by God, isn't Shingai Shoniwa beautiful?

I am captivated by her.

Style Diary: Endeavors in Minimalism II

After zealously proclaiming my love of jeweled colors, bold prints, and holographic purses, I still managed to stick to my plan for a more streamlined and minimalistic aesthetic in my wardrobe. For one day.

I've also taken to duck lip poses and other awkward things when given too much free time in front of massive mirrors.

Just a typical day in the life of Jane.

Old Navy sweater, Gap blouse, Forever 21 jeans, Charlotte Russe booties,
Juicy Couture necklace and bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch
Old Navy sweater, Gap blouse, Forever 21 jeans, Charlotte Russe booties,
Juicy Couture necklace and bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch

And while I'm still enjoying this black/gray/cream/tan love affair with my closet, I'm staring at these floral jumpsuits and blush wedges and my favorite platform purple Mary Janes and wondering...

How long will I stay loyal? 

Can minimalism and I coexist?


Perfecting the 'Fresh Face'

Make-up and I have an interesting dynamic. I love to see a well-made face. I love to see the artistic flair and fun many women use when wearing makeup. But... my routine? I need something that can be done in 10 minutes and gives me a clean look. I just picked up a make up routine about 3 years ago and, outside of changing my foundation to Revlon Colorstay because MAC Studio Fix wasn't working well with my oily skin, my 10 minute routine hasn't really evolved much. I just like to cover a few blemishes and highlight my eyes... without lining them or wearing eye shadow. Does that make sense?

I naturally have dark circles around my eyes so I am really sensitive to adding anything "dark" to my eye area. And, while eye shadow looks fun, it not something I generally like on myself most times (if I do wear it, I stick to bronze-esque shades like MAC Constructivist because they just impart more of a glow than actual color). As much as possible, I never want to look too over done and am a very big fan of the fresh face look.

But.. I am always looking for ways to maximize my "fresh face" and, as luck would have it, one of my favorite vloggers posted a tutorial just this morning about the look. I have relatively thin brows and wanted to learn how to fill them in without utilizing the increasingly popular "concealer" trick. She shows an awesome technique, along with a few others, that really work well to highlight your eyes and face with an au naturale look.



Style Diary: Endeavors into Minimalism


Inspired by this collage promoting the idea of "new minimalism" (black, white, and cream colors infused with the use of rich textures, bold tones, and classic silhouettes) and my recent quest to get more out of my wardrobe without necessarily adding more to my closet, I have challenged myself to a week of minimalistic stylings in my work wear this week. Sticking to black and cream/tan colors, I was actually surprised on how easily I could create looks within that scheme based on items I already owned. And, now... I have the urge to keep pursing this concept. I think black, creams, and tans look great on me.

Forever 21 shirt, Forever21 skirt, Merona tights, Payless flats
my grandfather's shirt, Gap pleated skirt, Urban Outfitters fleece tights,
Payless flats, Zara necklace, Charlote Russe bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch

Forever21 dress, Merona tights, Payless flats

Tucker for Target  blouse, thrfited leather skirt, Charlotte Russe booties,Forever21 necklace,  Juicy Couture bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch

What do you think? I did good, right?


Solange for Fader Magazine

Solange Knowles is featured on one cover [the other cover showcasing Vampire Weekend] of the Spring Style Feb/March 2013 Issue of Fader Magazine

In the cover article which features highlights from an interview done during the time of her second sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom this past December, Solange let's us in on her childhood, songwriting talents, her first marriage to her teenage love, and her life as the "free-spirit" and "hipster" artist she is today. With commentary from friends (including Dev Hynes and Ethan Silverman), the story gives readers a well-rounded look at the life and times of Ms. Knowles. Below are a couple of highlights.

on ending her relationship with Interscope:
"I have just three questions that come into my mind when I get an opportunity: will this help me, will this hurt me, or will this just [make me] stay the same and not progress?”

on owing her identity, embracing simplicity:
"In all aspects of my career, simplicity is so key. I think it has a lot to do with how much the quality of my life has improved since Julez started school, which pretty much implemented a schedule and a lifestyle that revolves around a nine-to-five hour."

on the artistic and personal growth she has experienced in her twenties:
“[Sol-Angel] was put out almost five years ago. [In] four years, there’s been so much artistic growth, so much growth just as a woman in [my] 20s, but especially as an artist. You’re exposed to so much more from age 21 to 26, and you sure as hell care a lot less. It’s been a little weird, for me, getting feedback—the last album was so different than this one. I am like, Yeah, I was 20 when I started writing it. Is that supposed to be shocking? If it sounded similar, that would be really strange.”

Check the behind the scenes video for the cover shoot:

Also, check out the singer an acoustic version of her song 'Bad Girls' [from her TRUE EP] on the latest episode of 'Black Cab Confessions'. Dev Hynes strums on his guitar while Solo sings in her beautiful and sultry voice.  

55th Annual Grammy's: My Favorites!

Estelle in a Genelle Brooks x Love Collins 

Estelle has been looking magnificent as of late. Although I have always been a major fan of her short hair, I'm really beginning to love the longer locks on her. Her two piece look from burgeoning designer Genelle Brooks was absolutely breathtaking. I loved the prints and the mermaid tail of the look. I am inspired to hit the gym up a little more in preparation for midriff season this summer.

Solange in Ralph & Russo Couture

Beyonce for March 2013 American Vogue

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, Beyonce looks absolutely stunning in this spread as the cover girl for the March 2013 'Power Issue' of Vogue. Check out more pictures from the spread below and check out the article here. Get your own copy of the issue when it hits newsstands on February 19.

What Inspires You?

Mira featured in the March 2013 issue of Glamour US.
Mira is....
Statement necklaces.
Experimental Style.
Vintage magazines.
Sky-High Heels.
Social Creative Outlets.
All Chanel Everything.

I adore her.

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 Couture

Do read (or have you read) the "A Song of Fire and Ice" series? If not, I'm sure you've at least heard of Game of Thrones, the first book of the series and the eponymous name of the HBO series based on the books. The characters in the series live, mainly, in a land called Westeros. The southern most part of Westeros is a rocky, mountainous, arid and dry place called Dorne, home to the only desert in Westeros. In my my mind, Dorne is similar to Morocco, Algeria, or Egypt; reminiscent of the southern regions of the Mediterranean. The Sand Snakes, eight half sisters introduced to readers in 'A Feast For Crows' are the bastard daughters of a prince of Dorne. The elder four Sand Snakes are renowned throughout Dorne for their cunning and battle prowess and they command high status at court despite their technical status as bastard children. The book describes them as being these breathtakingly beautiful women who are highly skilled and deadly. I'm talking conceal a dozen daggers on their body, being extremely skilled with blades, wielding whips and spears, knowledge of poisons, and the whole nine yards. Classic Femme Fatale.

Waist Beads

I didn't know anything about waist beads until I was visiting a friend for a weekend and noticed them dancing around her waist as we got dressed for a night on the town.

Me: Huh? What's that necklace on your waist? They're pretty...
Friend: These? They're just my waist beads. My friend gifted me with them when she came back from Africa.
Me: What are they for? Just regular waist decorations?
Friend: They mean a lot of things, really. I use mine as a marker for my weight. When they get a little tighter then... you know...
*both of us erupt into laughter*

Something about the beads just seemed so beautifully sacred and feminine to me. They were subtle yet still sexy and enticing; like a shared secret between you and your lover. As females, we all know the pressures of body shape and the waist/stomach conundrum; we're told to keep it tight and in good form and worthy of display. Crunches and Yoga and Pilates and Zumba and Running and all matters of exercises done in order to attempt to get the best  possible waist-to-hip ratio. So, to have this adornment that boldly celebrates this often over-scrutinized part of our physique... I just thought it was really beautiful.

Waist beads date back to as early as the 6th Century.
The most well known relief of women wearing waist beads
can be found on the tomb of Nebamun

After researching the meaning of waist beads for a bit, I've learned that they have been worn in Africa thousands of years. Different groups wear them for different reasons and, often, different colors used in beads can symbolize different things. The most common uses seem to be for size management, losing weight, maintain/form nice shape, confidence enhancing, female bonding, strength, wisdom, initiation/rites of passage, healing & power, sexiness, femininity, foreplay, and fashion.

So, when my friend told me her friend was selling waist beads, I immediately got on board for them!
How could I not wear something so beautiful and empowering every single day?
You have to find a way to embrace you're womanhood and live as sexily as possible every day.
You just have too!

Halima has a beautiful selection of beads. Different colors to suit different tastes. You can just wear one strand of beads or stack them up I just received my order (blue/brown/green/gold, pink/yellow, and gold) in the mail today and I don't ever want to take them off. If you want your own beads, feel free to send her an email and add these beautiful pieces to your collection! I'm sure you will absolutely love them as much as I love mine.


Canadian Tuxedo

I'm not sure who coined the term "Canadian Tuxedo". Do Canadians really often wear denim-on-denim or are the Americans just being snarky again? Either way, I [not-so-secretly] love denim-on-denim pairings. I mean, more often than not, we have seen horrifying pairings (Justin and Britney -_-) but the denim-on-denim look can be classically chic if the styling is done with minimalism in mind.