Style Diary: Endeavors into Minimalism


Inspired by this collage promoting the idea of "new minimalism" (black, white, and cream colors infused with the use of rich textures, bold tones, and classic silhouettes) and my recent quest to get more out of my wardrobe without necessarily adding more to my closet, I have challenged myself to a week of minimalistic stylings in my work wear this week. Sticking to black and cream/tan colors, I was actually surprised on how easily I could create looks within that scheme based on items I already owned. And, now... I have the urge to keep pursing this concept. I think black, creams, and tans look great on me.

Forever 21 shirt, Forever21 skirt, Merona tights, Payless flats
my grandfather's shirt, Gap pleated skirt, Urban Outfitters fleece tights,
Payless flats, Zara necklace, Charlote Russe bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch

Forever21 dress, Merona tights, Payless flats

Tucker for Target  blouse, thrfited leather skirt, Charlotte Russe booties,Forever21 necklace,  Juicy Couture bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch

What do you think? I did good, right?


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