Perfecting the 'Fresh Face'

Make-up and I have an interesting dynamic. I love to see a well-made face. I love to see the artistic flair and fun many women use when wearing makeup. But... my routine? I need something that can be done in 10 minutes and gives me a clean look. I just picked up a make up routine about 3 years ago and, outside of changing my foundation to Revlon Colorstay because MAC Studio Fix wasn't working well with my oily skin, my 10 minute routine hasn't really evolved much. I just like to cover a few blemishes and highlight my eyes... without lining them or wearing eye shadow. Does that make sense?

I naturally have dark circles around my eyes so I am really sensitive to adding anything "dark" to my eye area. And, while eye shadow looks fun, it not something I generally like on myself most times (if I do wear it, I stick to bronze-esque shades like MAC Constructivist because they just impart more of a glow than actual color). As much as possible, I never want to look too over done and am a very big fan of the fresh face look.

But.. I am always looking for ways to maximize my "fresh face" and, as luck would have it, one of my favorite vloggers posted a tutorial just this morning about the look. I have relatively thin brows and wanted to learn how to fill them in without utilizing the increasingly popular "concealer" trick. She shows an awesome technique, along with a few others, that really work well to highlight your eyes and face with an au naturale look.



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