Nasty Gal Spring 2013 Look Book

Nasty Gal has released their Spring 2013 Look book and...


Let's discuss.

Hailed as "beach goes beyond the outer limits of cool with sport-meets-space influence" on the Nasty Gal site, this collection by the Los Angeles based company is giving us an ode to bold prints, sheer fabrics, athletic garb, and neoprene. The visuals definitely reminded me of a futuristic beach oasis.

Would I dress like I was attending a futuristic beach oasis? Probably not. While I love to take creative license in my personal styling, there aren't too many places I can think of going where I'd be confident enough to wear a plastic overalls. Despite not really knowing anywhere where I can wear a clear colored visor and netted dress, I have yet to amass cropped shirt confidence yet so... you know... I have a lot of steps to surmount before futuristic beach oasis can be addressed.

But there are many inspiring and fun take-aways from this collection which I can bring into my aesthetic. Brown skin girls and lip color! I've always been hesitant to try colors but just seeing how gorgeous the model in all these different shades has definitely made me want to conquer that fear. The vibrant pairing of jewel tone pieces and prints. The best part of spring is the re-entrance of bright, bold, and light colors into the styling palette. There is much fun to be had. I love the clean cuts and minimalistic lines of the silhouettes (i.e. the high-cut bathing suits and architecturally structured neoprene-looking dresses). I love the continued infusion of athletic wear with feminine detailing. Caps and sweats paired with heels and skirts. The juxtaposition of masculine and feminine is always a winner in my book. I LOVE THE HOLOGRAPHIC ACCESSORIES!! Something about them remind me of a neutral base but with a fun twist. A great way to make a bold statement with a neutral outfit or spruce up a bold look with a different kind of print.

I can't wait to see how these looks will inspire this Spring.

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