Solange for Fader Magazine

Solange Knowles is featured on one cover [the other cover showcasing Vampire Weekend] of the Spring Style Feb/March 2013 Issue of Fader Magazine

In the cover article which features highlights from an interview done during the time of her second sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom this past December, Solange let's us in on her childhood, songwriting talents, her first marriage to her teenage love, and her life as the "free-spirit" and "hipster" artist she is today. With commentary from friends (including Dev Hynes and Ethan Silverman), the story gives readers a well-rounded look at the life and times of Ms. Knowles. Below are a couple of highlights.

on ending her relationship with Interscope:
"I have just three questions that come into my mind when I get an opportunity: will this help me, will this hurt me, or will this just [make me] stay the same and not progress?”

on owing her identity, embracing simplicity:
"In all aspects of my career, simplicity is so key. I think it has a lot to do with how much the quality of my life has improved since Julez started school, which pretty much implemented a schedule and a lifestyle that revolves around a nine-to-five hour."

on the artistic and personal growth she has experienced in her twenties:
“[Sol-Angel] was put out almost five years ago. [In] four years, there’s been so much artistic growth, so much growth just as a woman in [my] 20s, but especially as an artist. You’re exposed to so much more from age 21 to 26, and you sure as hell care a lot less. It’s been a little weird, for me, getting feedback—the last album was so different than this one. I am like, Yeah, I was 20 when I started writing it. Is that supposed to be shocking? If it sounded similar, that would be really strange.”

Check the behind the scenes video for the cover shoot:

Also, check out the singer an acoustic version of her song 'Bad Girls' [from her TRUE EP] on the latest episode of 'Black Cab Confessions'. Dev Hynes strums on his guitar while Solo sings in her beautiful and sultry voice.  

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