Waist Beads

I didn't know anything about waist beads until I was visiting a friend for a weekend and noticed them dancing around her waist as we got dressed for a night on the town.

Me: Huh? What's that necklace on your waist? They're pretty...
Friend: These? They're just my waist beads. My friend gifted me with them when she came back from Africa.
Me: What are they for? Just regular waist decorations?
Friend: They mean a lot of things, really. I use mine as a marker for my weight. When they get a little tighter then... you know...
*both of us erupt into laughter*

Something about the beads just seemed so beautifully sacred and feminine to me. They were subtle yet still sexy and enticing; like a shared secret between you and your lover. As females, we all know the pressures of body shape and the waist/stomach conundrum; we're told to keep it tight and in good form and worthy of display. Crunches and Yoga and Pilates and Zumba and Running and all matters of exercises done in order to attempt to get the best  possible waist-to-hip ratio. So, to have this adornment that boldly celebrates this often over-scrutinized part of our physique... I just thought it was really beautiful.

Waist beads date back to as early as the 6th Century.
The most well known relief of women wearing waist beads
can be found on the tomb of Nebamun

After researching the meaning of waist beads for a bit, I've learned that they have been worn in Africa thousands of years. Different groups wear them for different reasons and, often, different colors used in beads can symbolize different things. The most common uses seem to be for size management, losing weight, maintain/form nice shape, confidence enhancing, female bonding, strength, wisdom, initiation/rites of passage, healing & power, sexiness, femininity, foreplay, and fashion.

So, when my friend told me her friend was selling waist beads, I immediately got on board for them!
How could I not wear something so beautiful and empowering every single day?
You have to find a way to embrace you're womanhood and live as sexily as possible every day.
You just have too!

Halima has a beautiful selection of beads. Different colors to suit different tastes. You can just wear one strand of beads or stack them up I just received my order (blue/brown/green/gold, pink/yellow, and gold) in the mail today and I don't ever want to take them off. If you want your own beads, feel free to send her an email and add these beautiful pieces to your collection! I'm sure you will absolutely love them as much as I love mine.


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  1. I have some. My friend brought them back for me when she went back home (Africa). The women I know that wear them are usually from Nigeria or Liberia.