Style Diary: Adieu, Winter!

Spring is officially here. I bid adieu to everyone's favorite melancholy and bipolar season earlier this week by pairing Winter's it color oxblood with my favorite plaid shirt and a leopard print belt as I awkwardly posed in my cube. I'm not sure why I can never quite center my belts but... yea. That oddity is definitely not intentional.

Alice Smith's SHE was released this Tuesday and I finally got a chance to dive into yesterday. I quickly became obsessed. Although somewhat different from For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me (its a bit less sassy), the sounds of this album are still distinctly Alice - loving, whimsical, fun, and heartfelt. You can hear the growth and maturity and journey. Her fusion of soft rock, blues, soul, and R&B is undeniably smooth and I love how her voice smolders, soars, and boasts as she flows effortlessly through different genres on each and every track. Check out one of my [many] favorite tracks from the album below.

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