Style Diary: Back to Black

I stepped back into the comfort of cream, black, and fringe. Don't call it a minimalism comeback but I'm finding that my affinity for creams, tans, and blacks seems to be pretty steadfast.

I'm still in search of the perfect nude lip. Nude lip color is probably my favorite shade to be worn on brown skin girls simply because of how beautiful the contrasted browns appear together. I have a couple shades I go back and forth with but have yet to find the one that I think works perfectly for me. For now, Maybelline's 'My Mahogany(a peachy  brown with hints of pink) and 'Nearly There(pinkish brown with a frosty glossy finish) are the two I wear most often. I'm pretty sure I hate 'Nearly There' (I also believe that's the shade I'm wearing in these pics) but, for some reason, it is always in my handbag whenever I want to throw on some lipstick. I'm not a big fan of pearly/frosty lip colors; I think they make my lips look more plump and ashied than is ever necessary. 'My Mahogany' is nice but often the peach-pink undertones make the shade a little too vibrant when I want a truly matte and muted color. It is now discontinued anyway sooo.. my search for the perfect shade continues. I've received amazing recommendations about Illamasqua's 'Facade' and Smashbox's 'Truffle' from several different sources as of late. Sephora will see me soon.

Happy Monday!

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