Style Diary: Florals for Spring? Ground breaking.

I have this nasty habit of taking off my watch after wearing it for a few hours. I just feel like my pores need to breath, you  know? Anyway, I know I wore it to church Saturday and I remember taking it off at a luncheon I went to afterwards. I feel as though I put it in my clutch but I couldn't find it there when I went to look for it on  Monday morning.


But this post isn't supposed to focus on my slight ineptitude. I just wanted to share what I wore the today.

Tapered trousers are the quickest way to get me to adore an ankle length pant. These brogues are some of the most comfortable shoes I own yet I always forget to wear them for some reason. I need to do better! I'm also realizing that I really don't care for flats unless they have a slight pointed. I have a collection of rounded ballet flats that barely get touched as proof.

I need to sell some things. And find my watch.

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