Keep Camo Forever

First and foremost... I found my watch! It was balled up in this cardi --- Let's not discuss where it was. Just know the Prodigal Watch has returned.

Moving along...

I absolutely love camouflage pants. There is a current trend of wearing camo pants and Timbs that the hipsters young fashionistas and fashionistos of the world (and by "world" I may be strongly referring the mid-Atlantic and East Coast) are exhausting to the brink of death. Its a great combination so I definitely understand the infatuation but, like all good things (i.e. golden double stuff oreos), moderation is key. You just need to have a solid rotation else you will diminish the beauty and appreciation for self and others.

For me, camouflage print (more so in green shades than khaki shades) is right up there with leopard print when it comes to staple prints that every one should have in their wardrobe. Whether it be utility jacket, cargo short, or pants... the camo just needs to be there. It's a pretty good staple that will get you far. Get into that.

Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (out of stock but similar here and here)


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