Michelle Obama Covers Vogue [Again]!

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, First Lady Michelle Obama covers the April 2013 issue of Vogue. The cover story is actually a great interview with Mr. and Mrs. Obama discussing partnership and the importance of balancing work, marriage, and family.

There are plenty of great takeaways from this story but one notable quote that stuck out to me was when Obama said of his wife:
"She is a great mom. What is also true is Michelle’s had to accommodate ... a life that ... it’s fair to say was not necessarily what she envisioned for herself. She has to put up with me. And my schedule and my stresses. And she’s done a great job on that. But I think it would be a mistake to think that my wife, when I walk in the door, is, 'Hey, honey, how was your day? Let me give you a neck rub.' It’s not as if Michelle is thinking in terms of, 'How do I cater to my husband?' I think it’s much more, We’re a team, and how do I make sure that this guy is together enough that he’s paying attention to his girls and not forgetting the basketball game that he’s supposed to be going to on Sunday? So she’s basically managing me quite effectively—that’s what it comes down to."

One of the more noteworthy things that I receive from the Obamas is their intentional and committed [healthy] partnership. While it is very obvious that they love and value each other, I love that you can see a decisive, compassionate, and caring force that draws them together and drives all the decisions they make. Their union is more than just affection and attention; its way more powerful and seems to encompass so much more. They remind of the old adage that insists 'perfect love casts out fear'. I think it's very beautiful and important to have this model of love and family out in the open. I believe they set a good precedence of what a modern and healthy partnership should look like in romantic unions. A lot can be learned from the Obamas and this interview was quite inspiring.

During her interview, First Lady Obama says something in regards to fashion that I feel is probably one of the most important concept in regards to style and dress but it is something that is rarely stated.
"I always say that women should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves. That’s what I always try to do. . . . I also believe that if you’re comfortable in your clothes it’s easy to connect with people and make them feel comfortable as well. In every interaction that I have with people, I always want to show them my most authentic self."
When you wear clothes you love, that confidence radiates through into everything you do. Love pink? Stop thinking "I can never pull that off" and purchase that magenta blazer you've been lusting over. If you love heels, buy more heels. Practice wearing them at home if you aren't confident in your heel-walking skills. You love wearing men's shirts? Pair them with your favorite skinnies or skirts and walk out your door as the most chic gal there is. If you love sneakers, then wear your sneakers. Forget the trends and stop worrying about what others may think or say; just do more of what you love. As my friend Lucy eloquently stated:

"At some point, we have to stop doubting and start declaring who we are."

Pick of your issue of the April 2013 issue of Vogue when it hits newsstands nationwide on March 26. It will also be available as a digital download for the iPad®, Kindle Fire, NOOK Color™, and NOOK Tablet™.

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