Styling: Louis Vuitton Bags

I entered another styling contest on Polyvore. I'm not sure if I'll ever win one of these things but I think its great practice. There are tons of magazines, fashion house, fashion professionals, and amateurs with their own pages so it's proving to be a great place to learn just absorbing what people put out.

Anyway, this contest asked users to make sets based on you're favorite Louis Vuitton bag. My all time favorite LV bag is the Speedy 30 (in Damier Ebene and (now discontinued) Epi) and I made not one set based around that bag. Mainly because speedys are my favorite bag of choice and I style them nearly every time I walk out my home when I'm carrying one of mine. So, I choose to work with LV bags I wouldn't necessarily gravitate to instead and see what I could pull together.

Tribal Prints & LV

Yesterday's post on peplum and African prints inspired this look with Speedy Cube PM from the Spring 2013 collection. This new iteration of the speedy bag reminds me of a relaxing southern California vacation in 1962. I love the soft yellow shade and mod-inspired box design. Because the feel of the bag is so classic but with a twist, I wanted to style a look that brought about the same feeling. Midi skirt, classic black heels, peplum top but I believe the leather fabric and African print bring an unexpected surprise to a classic look. The lucite bauble jewelry was used to envoke that 60s feel into the look as well.


I've never been a big fan of the graffiti bags but this limited edition Louis Vuitton Graffiti Alma MM (designed Stephen Sprouse exclusively for the 2001 collection) really stands out to me. It seems to be the perfect balance between street and chic. Because it's such a bold black and white bags, I wanted to keep that black and white theme going but lightening it up with sporadic notes of color (i.e. yellow shoes, red nails, the hint of blue in the dress). I think this is a very fun and youthful look.


The Noé Louis Vuitton bag debuted in 1932 with a very specific purpose in mind: carrying a bottle of champagne. It, of course, expanded beyond its original purpose and became wildly popular in the 1980s when drawstring bags were the trend. I wanted to attempt to update this bag by pulling it away from the classic vintage art scene and meshing it with an art-inspired business casual look. In my mind, this look works really well. I'm still not sure if there should be heels or if the flats work.

What do you think?



  1. Yesssss to all of your styles, especially the second and third! I enjoyed reading your inspiration and thought process behind each look.

  2. Everything is AWESOME!louis vuitton bags are a must have!!!!!!!!!