Style Diary: Tuesday is the Best Monday

I took Monday off to clean up my home and work on my thesis paper. And while I did clean my bathroom and kitchen and manage to put some laundry away, I spent most of the day curled up on the couch swooning over Mr. Bates, loathing Thomas, and wondering what else the Many-Faced God has in store for Blind Beth. My computer was never turned on and not one phrase of a peer-reviewed article was article was read. 

Yet, as the days inch closer until I must submit my paper, my anxiety isn't anywhere near Level 100 and I spend most days smiling and just excited to be alive. I blame this mostly on the warming weather. I'm coping with potential failure quite we Yes, I promise to sit down and work on those pages. April 15th is much closer than my mind is currently conceiving. Procrastination is a disease.

Also, the recent... onslaught ...of love in my age group is pretty amazing. In  a good way. All the new relationships, engagements, and baby announcements are pretty dope. I remember being overwhelmed the first time love attacked my life post-college graduation (you know, when all the academic sweethearts were getting married post college graduation...) for mostly petty and self-centered reasons. Well, not really "petty" but I really did believe 21 was a wee-bit to young to be lighting unity candles. But, you know, what do I know?

This go around, as Cupid slays my comrades with arrows, I think it's quite beautiful. I think love is so much more exciting once you have disposable income, happy hours, and no homework. I'm here for it.

 I wish I was this excited to write my thesis though. That would be heavenly. I have got to do better this week.

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