Style Diary: A Few of My Favorite Things

A quick couple snaps of my looks this week.

I really adore shirt dresses. I love how comfortable they are and yet still so very chic. And, of course, there is the mischievous play on looking like you're wearing you're beau's shirt about town. *giggles* There is a good chance I'll be living in this dress for a while.

I love wearing green. I avoided wearing it for years and then one day I purchased a green skirt on whim from ASOS and the love affair has been blossoming ever since. Also in love with this taupe pants I purchased from Zara a couple years back. I have never had a pair of trousers fit me so well. God bless the Spaniards.

Work week is done and now I'm off to conquer the weekend. Wish me luck!

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