Ted's Bulletin

Ted's Bulletin is a retro-inspired American eatery in the Capitol Hill/Eastern Market part of Washington, DC. I went there for dinner last night with friends and instantaneously fell in love with the decor and ambiance. Walking in the quaint restaurant, patrons spill into the bakery/bar area which features adult milkshakes and homemade deserts. The pop tarts, red velvet bundt cake, and oatmeal cream pies are a definite must-dos.

Tuesday is Burger-and-Shake night at Ted's Bulletin and they do no disappoint. Aside from 9 burger guidelines on the menu, you can create just about any burger you want and pair it with any of their 25 original or adult milkshakes for a deliciously divine meal that won't hurt your wallet. I ordered the Frenchie burger and paired it with a Buzzed Berry milkshake and was the happiest girl in the world! Picking off the plates of friends, I soon found out that the mac and four cheese, grilled asparagus, and brussel sprouts are equally amazing!

I definitely enjoyed my time and dinner at Ted's Bulletin and I can't wait to go back! I need those cherry lemonade and blueberry cheesecake pop tarts in my life consistently :)

DC can be so gosh darn beautiful at night.

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  1. Sometimes I look at your "about town" posts and get SO salty that we don't live in the same city. *cries*