The 28 Before 28 Project

The popular trend for young adults in their late(r) 20s to make a 30-Before-30 list. I really can't think that far ahead into the future so I wanted to create a 28-Before-28 list. My 28th birthday is my golden birthday AND it falls on Saturday, my favorite day of the week. So, naturally, I have to do something(s) spectacular to mark the occasion. Here's to being a little bit more adventurous in 2013!

1. Piano Lessons
I started lessons as a child but quit in high school because I was too lazy to practice. I want to get back on those keys.

2. Speak French Fluently
I can read and comprehend but can't speak it. My parents are ashamed.

3. Sewing Lessons
At this point, I just want to be able to tailor my own clothes.

4. Read the entire Bible and the Conflict of the Ages Series.
I want to exhaustively study the Bible so my faith will be personal.

5. Tithe every pay period
I believe in tithing and want to be more diligent in my offerings.

6. Save 10% of check every pay period. 
I recently stumbled across Money in Your 20s and it's inspired me to learn and maintain better financial skills. 

7. Set up and maintain a bank account buffer
My lack of discipline entices me to spend the cash if its there. I have to do better.

8. Get supplemental income
I love writing and working in social media. Hopefully, I can find a position that affords me the flexibility to work from home/work virtually 

9. Wake up every morning at 6am
I want to take time to meditate and work out for at least 30 minutes. Wellness habits must be made concrete now.

10. Visit California
I haven't been west of Texas and I have far too many people whom I love on the West Coast for me to have never made that trip.

11. Get out of America (twice)
I just got my passport. Let's keep the judgement to a minimum. Tentatively, I have a cruise lined up in August and a week-long trip to Haiti in October.

12. Weekly exercise regimen.
Im thinking kickboxing twice a week, yoga twice a week, and running twice  a week.

13. Learn all the Beyoncé choreography.
Essentially, I'm adding zumba to my life. Right?

14. Send birthday cards/gifts to all my loved ones.
Must be more intentional with showing love and attention.

15. Write a letter to myself to read on my 30th birthday
...cause I'm sentimental like that.

16. Take a photography class
I don't necessarily want to be a photographer; just want to take great pics.

17. Pay for someone's meal behind me at the drive-thru
Keeping paying it forward.

18. Make eye contact and smile at strangers daily.
I'm the Queen of the "Please Don't Take to Me" face and body language. I must fix this.

19. Weekly flowers.
I want fresh flowers to be a statement in my home.

20. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
Preferably somewhere like Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont

21. Try one new recipe a week
Hectic school and work schedule has kept me out of the kitchen for years. I want to build my repertoire.

22. Go snowboarding
It's something I've expressed wanting to do for the past two years but have never done. 

23. Buy the cutest guy at the bar a drink. [Completed!]

24. Get a tattoo.
I've wanted one for years and know exactly where I want to put it. The question now is more so of "what". Also, I want a grill but I am too nervous to fully list it soooo... let's just keep it as a mild 24.5.

25. Do a photo shoot [Completed!]
I'm pretty self-conscious and hate being the subject of photographs. Its time to push myself.

26. See the Grand Canyon.

27. Take a pole dancing class [Completed!]
I just want to force myself to try something out my comfort zone. It was either this or skydiving

28. Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.


  1. You are my soul sister. 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27 are all on my 30 Before 30 list AND my birthday falls on a Sabbath this year also. Btw...Your booty is SITTIN' in those pants, huneeeh!

    1. hahaha!! thanks, boo! #BikiniBody2013 is shaping out pretty well. We should do the Cali trip together then (if you can find time this year)! Or keep each other accountable with the Bible/COTAS reading plan

    2. I think I may be able to swing a Cali trip! Let's talk offline.

      How do you want to read the COTAS? In order? I am really pressed to read Desire of Ages again.

    3. I was just going to read if from Beginning to end. DoA is the only one I have fully read already and, although I do want to read it again ASAP, I'm curious to see how I'll feel about it once I've gotten more knowledge from P&P and P&Ks. BUT.. I am down for whatever order.

  2. I love you so much. Flourish.

  3. Love the list! Good Luck Jana!

  4. What a great list! Glad to see you stepping out of your comfort zone. Good luck!

    1. thanks! you're nutritional and exercise posts on IG keep me motivated to stick to a routine :)


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