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Style Diary: Sequins & Stripes


Style Diary: Booties and a Bun


The Basic Black Tank

A white tank looks right at the gym and for casual outings, but a black one can be worn with everything from khakis to a cocktail skirt. Wear it for a night on the town or to your favorite summer music festival or even just while running errands. The basic black tank, very similar to the little black dress, is one of the most versatile pieces you will ever own.

The simple variety of cut and style offerings are one of the main reasons that the black tank is all the more classic and chic. Whether leather, cotton, cropped, sheer, racer back, spaghetti strap, or low-cut back, you'll be able to style this piece with just about anything in your wardrobe. Great tanks can be found just about anywhere from Forver21 to Zara to American Apparel to T by Alexander Wang. To keep your closet well stocked and ready, check out retailers and get your own tanks here.

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Nickelson Wooster [STYLE ICON]

While magazine editorials are often fun and whimsical, my greatest source of inspiration is often found in seeing the styling efforts of the person walking down the street. Street style is this pretty amazing intersection of fashion as an art and fashion as a practicality. I love to see how people pair the high and low in an attempt express who they are. It's a magical process!
I started following street style blogs back in 2005. I got my fashion voyeurism fix from seeing quietly known fashion insiders or creative persons often depicted on the pages of The Sartorialist and Stockholm Street Style. For as long as I could remember, I kept seeing pictures of this one silver haired gentlemen with impeccably tailored suits. From New York to Milan to Paris to London, the photographers loved him and always felt the need to display his style.

It wasn't until I got a Tumblr account a few years back did the face finally get a name. Dubbed the "alpha male of street style" by GQ…

MexiCali Blues

Last week, I ventured out to Virginia for lunch with my co-workers. I had never heard of Mexicali Blues but everyone in my party ranted and raved about how spectacular the place was so I was pretty excited.

Located on a quaint corner of Wilson Blvd in Arlington, this restaurant is simply captivating to behold. From the moment I saw those pink walls, expansive patio, and cactus plants littered all through the windows, I knew I'd be back. I'm a very big fan of the "hole-in-wall" type of eatery; open spaces, cozy environment, and great food is all I require. Mexicali Blues definitely has all three.

Hemmed as "...the most authentic Mexican and Salvadoran cooking this side of the Rio Grande", the food and dining experience definitely lived up to that review. Chips and fresh pico de gallo were constantly brought out and refilled from the moment we were seated. I ordered the guacamole appetizer and almost got so full that I thought I wouldn't make it to my m…

Street Art | E. King

Heading into the office, I walked past an artist silently listening to his headphones and working away on a piece of canvas. I initially just walked by but, after catching a glimpse of a striking Statue of Liberty piece, I turned back around and decided to see what else he had in store. I didn't have cash on me and wasn't expecting to purchase anything but I figured I could get his contact info and purchase something later. We chatted for a few minutes about his work and goals and I learned that he didn't have a website or business card. He was actually working on this piece when I walked up to him and, since I loved the concept so much, I stood and waited for him to finish it. I'm pretty diligent.

I love supporting the arts, especially local artists.Outside of his "E King" signature and numbering of his pieces, I have no clue who this gentleman was or how to get in contact with him but... I really enjoyed his work. I know he'll be in Miami later on this…

Solange | Complex Cover + Trouble

“Don’t you ever, ever bend or break because of who you are.” - Miss Bethann,  Solange Knowles' Fourth Grade Teacher
Our favorite covers the June/July 2013 cover of Complex Magazine! Photographed by JUCO, Solange looks effortlessly beautiful and radiant in the sizzling summery shots for the cover story.

The issue goes on sale in June but too see more pictures and read the full story for Solange's journey into becoming our favorite authentic indie artist, click here.

Solange dropped the full version of the standout track "Looks Good With Trouble" from her True EP today. The song features a surprise guest verse from Kendrick Lamar. Stream and buy below!

'How To Take A Truly Amazing Picture' by Refinery 29

I feel like I've been doing the same two one pose in all my pictures since the age of 3. Smile, head slightly tilted, and one hand on waist. Head tilt angles may slightly vary and degree of smile may fluctuate but I pretty much look a great deal the same (minus different clothes offerings, of course) in most of my pictures. Its all so very third grade and, because I always look awkward and no where near glamorous when I attempt the Beyonce-bent-hand pose, I still do it. 
I feel like there is a certain science to always photographing well and I have yet to master it. Its a cold world out there.
Because I have yet to reach the point of existence where Iyanla needs to fix my life, I figured I'd strick out on my own and research proper posing etiquette (don't judge me). I ran across some great tips from Refinery29 and thought I'd share. Because, quite frankly, it takes a village...

Wear A Blue-Red LipstickThe right shade of lip color can make your teeth look whiter. Loo…

"Once Upon a Time..." by Karl Lagerfeld

The designer turns director in this 15 minute period film. Set in the first Chanel store in Deauville, we get to see Gabrielle "Coco" (played by Kiera Knightly) interact with the chic ladies du jour and see the source of inspiration for some of her most iconic pieces. Check the full film below!

Style Diary: A Myriad of Things

My favorite worst outfit this year!  I put together two things I hate wearing with two things I adore wearing and prayed in translated to something that made sense. 
I adore pleated skirts but think this one never fits me as well as I imagine. And, since I bought it in two colors, both skirts tend to stare at me mockingly every time I walk into my closet. I'm working on fixing us.

I have this thing where purple is my favorite color but I hate wearing it. Does anyone else suffer from a similar syndrome? Anyway, I've had this blouse for several years now but this is only the second time I've worn it... because it's purple and I always feel like I can't style in appropriately. 
I paired these two things with my leopard print belt that I, literally, live in and my favorite fuchsia fringe heels that I never give enough love. It was kinda scary there for a moment but I think this fashion story came out pretty well.

Punk Couture at the MET

The Costume Institute Gala, commonly known as the Met Ball or Met Gala, is an annual ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. The annual affair has been held since 1948 (when the Costume Institute was founded) and is considered to be "the fashion world's best red carpet event". Hosted by Vogue and often regarded as the annual social event in NYC, celebrities, models, and socialites all arrive dressed to impress often the most avant garde and custom ethereal looks of year. This is the event where the designers really have the space to show their prowess and flaunt their favorite pieces.

This spring, the Met's exhibit was entitled Punk: Chaos to Couture and looked to examine "punk's impact on high fashion from the movement's birth in the early 1970s through its continuing influence today". The show has over 100 pieces for men and women and displays the history of the punk movem…

Juxtapose | A Fashion & Photography Exhibit

"Just a couple blocks from the Metro Station", I thought to myself as I exited the train. "I should get there in no time..." 

It was my first time getting off at the NoMa-Gallaudet Metro Station and, thanks to all the different pockets of renovations in the District, I had no clue what to expect once I took the escalator down the stairs and walked out into the city. Urban renewal changed barren land and abandoned warehouses to organic grocers, luxury apartments, restaurants, banks, and other small businesses. I was excited to see the lively and quaint neighborhood that is the recently established NoMa. But, as I continued to pass block after block, I started seeing more and more rustic brownstones and less and less businesses. The only thing that ran through my mind was...

"I better not be walking into someone's home"

And, thankfully, I didn't. Instead, I was introduced to the beautiful Ulysses Room, a beautiful and dramatic art studio exhibitionsh…