'How To Take A Truly Amazing Picture' by Refinery 29

I feel like I've been doing the same two one pose in all my pictures since the age of 3. Smile, head slightly tilted, and one hand on waist. Head tilt angles may slightly vary and degree of smile may fluctuate but I pretty much look a great deal the same (minus different clothes offerings, of course) in most of my pictures. Its all so very third grade and, because I always look awkward and no where near glamorous when I attempt the Beyonce-bent-hand pose, I still do it. 

I feel like there is a certain science to always photographing well and I have yet to master it. Its a cold world out there.

Because I have yet to reach the point of existence where Iyanla needs to fix my life, I figured I'd strick out on my own and research proper posing etiquette (don't judge me). I ran across some great tips from Refinery29 and thought I'd share. Because, quite frankly, it takes a village...

Wear A Blue-Red LipstickThe right shade of lip color can make your teeth look whiter. Look for blue-red lipsticks, or dab on a sheer blue gloss over your regular color. Your smile will look instantly brighter. Magic!

Don't Do The TeapotWhile it may feel instinctual to put your hand on your hip to create a slender line with your arms, the pose can be a bit cheesy. Instead, keep your shoulders back, and hold you arms slightly bent and away from the body — same effect, without the Mrs. Teapot impersonation.

Sign Of The Cross — Popping a knee, while comfortable, can break up the length of your leg. To create an extended line, cross the ankles and point the toe at an angle creating catwalk-ready, long gams.

Loved the tips and I can't wait to use them so I can be great. To see the full list, check the story at Refinery 29 by clicking here.

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