MexiCali Blues

Last week, I ventured out to Virginia for lunch with my co-workers. I had never heard of Mexicali Blues but everyone in my party ranted and raved about how spectacular the place was so I was pretty excited.

Located on a quaint corner of Wilson Blvd in Arlington, this restaurant is simply captivating to behold. From the moment I saw those pink walls, expansive patio, and cactus plants littered all through the windows, I knew I'd be back. I'm a very big fan of the "hole-in-wall" type of eatery; open spaces, cozy environment, and great food is all I require. Mexicali Blues definitely has all three.

Hemmed as "...the most authentic Mexican and Salvadoran cooking this side of the Rio Grande", the food and dining experience definitely lived up to that review. Chips and fresh pico de gallo were constantly brought out and refilled from the moment we were seated. I ordered the guacamole appetizer and almost got so full that I thought I wouldn't make it to my meal! The guacamole was made fresh and featured a delicious blend of spicy blend lemon, onion, tomato, and serrano pepper. It was probably some of the best guacamole I've had in a while. I ordered the Fish Tacos Baja Style, which featured "char-grilled, marinated tilapia topped with guacamole, picante sour cream and marinated cabbage salad" with a side of rice and black beans. The unexpected flavor pairings of the fish, avocado, and cabbage was really, really scrumptious. I'd definitely recommend this meal to anyone visiting for the first time.

If you're ever in the DMV (Washington,DC/Maryland/Virginia) area and are looking for a superb and affordable Mexican-style eatery, definitely check out Mexicali Blues! Their lunch, dinner, and happy hour are well worth the trip.

Mexicali Blues
2933 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 812-9352

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