Punk Couture at the MET

The Costume Institute Gala, commonly known as the Met Ball or Met Gala, is an annual ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. The annual affair has been held since 1948 (when the Costume Institute was founded) and is considered to be "the fashion world's best red carpet event". Hosted by Vogue and often regarded as the annual social event in NYC, celebrities, models, and socialites all arrive dressed to impress often the most avant garde and custom ethereal looks of year. This is the event where the designers really have the space to show their prowess and flaunt their favorite pieces.

The NY Mag Cover that almost made it

This spring, the Met's exhibit was entitled Punk: Chaos to Couture and looked to examine "punk's impact on high fashion from the movement's birth in the early 1970s through its continuing influence today". The show has over 100 pieces for men and women and displays the history of the punk movement in NYC and London as well as takes hold of the DIY aspect (such as hardware, destroyed, graffiti). Read a good review of the exhibit here

exhibit photos courtesy of Lurve Magazine
Staying in the theme the festivities and hoping to help celebrate the movement even further, Vogue asked all attendees to wear there best punk-inspired garb.  Personally, I looked forward to see how designers and stylists would combine the punk aesthetic with their signature look. Unfortunately, most designers failed horribly. 

I saw way more Fug than Fab and I was thoroughly disappointed. As I scrolled through the red carpet pics last night, I got more and more infuriated with each passing post. What were these designers thinking? Who styled this? A lot of my favorites really disappointed me either by a.) doing punk couture completely wrong by doing the utmost or b.) not even attempting to try the theme and just wearing customary stylings. At first I didn't even want to highlight all the wrong I saw but... I figure it's best to talk about it so we can move forward and away from this nightmare with as much sanity as possible. I just hope we all learn something from this experience.

Rooney Mara was the clear winner, to me, at the MET. Her sheer Givenchy gown with the dipper details, sleek hair, nude face, and dark lips accentuating her clear blue eyes were all together perfection. This was my favorite Riccardo Tisci creation on the red carpet.

The Fab.
Here are 20 of my favorite looks on the red carpet. I'm actually surprised I got to 20 because, at first, I only had about 5 looks. But, as I looked over the looks this morning, certain things jumped out at me in better light. And, yes, I'm talking about you Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie.

Sienna Miller was pure perfection with the studded leather and crown to accentuate her flowy, virginal dress. I absolutely adore Anne Hathaway's blonde hair in the bouffant and her Valentino gown was divine. I hated her feathered wrists at first but they grow on me more with each passing photo. Miley's hair is initially the reason why I hated her look but it's perfectly punk now that I look at it. Same goes with Nicole. Even though she is reminiscent of a Russ Troll I love how she (and Miley) ran with this theme. And, their dresses were spectacular so I think the spots on this list are well-earned. Anja Rubik gave us classic 80s punk with the big hair and popped over-sized collar on her red leather minidress. I loved the chained detailing on the hem. Katy served London punk realness. I loved the crown, hair, and how her dress sorta of reminded me of wearing an over-sized t-shirt as a dress. Gavin and Gwen have been punk their whole lives; this show was about them. Christina Ricci's couture grunge punk dress was perfectly accentuated by those 1940s curls. I love that red hair on her. Nothing says anti-establishment like a big ass afro. While this look is definitely customary Solange... Solange is sorta punk when you think about it so... there really was no need for a change. Love the hemline of the Kenzo creation and Solo's divine earrings. She was definitely 70's glamour punk goddess. Cara Delevingne was my second best look. She embodies modern punk to me so I know she would look perfect tonight. My favorite part of her pic is the badass behind her in with the silver spray painted hair and latex dress. Who is that?

You all know I'm not a fan of this child but, my Jove, didn't Taylor Swift slay? The dark eyes, the half pulled back tousled hair, and that breathtaking J. Mendal dress? Kudos to whoever is styling her! Lily was classic punk couture - loved the wet hair with the pink tips. Her dress was so ginormous and I loved that it was tulle. I loved that she took the punk down even to her shoes. This is how to dress full on trend without looking dated or cheap (Yes, I'm talking to you, Beyonce). Ginnifer and Jessica looked great in their Tory Burch looks. I really loved Ginnifer's darken brow and bold I makeup. Stacey Kiebler in Rachel Roy was a definite hit as well. The studded details and the sheer panels were great. I almost didn't even recognize January Jones ... and that is exactly why she made the list. Her eye makeup was so daring! Chanel Iman was very punk princess cute to me and the same could be said about Kate Bosworth. I loved how she got the traditional studded mini dress in pink to make a bold statement. Tres chic indeed. I loved Joan Small in he Tom Ford look. I'm pretty obsessed about anything that comes from Tom Ford so I do admit there is a potential bias. Elizabeth Banks looked golden in her preppy interpretation of punk. I couldn't take my eyes off that dress.... or her fringe shoes. That was a great decision. Paloma Faith? Work, bitch. Just work!

not sure who she is but.. ABSOLUTELY YES! this is the punk i grew up seeing!

Honorable Mention
I thought these looks were great. I wanted them to be a little more punk. Well, in the case of some of these looks (yes, I'm speaking to you Jennifer Lawrence and Katie Holmes), a lot more punk. Kristen, Hailey, and Jennifer were all dressed for the wrong event. Don't get me wrong, they looked amazing... they just weren't punk. Miranda Kerr and Rita Ora were slightly punk but they played it too safe. I would have loved to see them step out more. SJP looked like classic Carrie Bradshaw but her hat was fierce. I loved Allison Williams' and Nina Debrov's dark looks but.. I just wanted a little bit more. I'm not sure what Mary-Kate was doing but I did enjoy it. Her homeless chic just works.

The Fug

  • When will Madonna start dressing her age?
  • Why did Vera Wang look sooo much better than Kerry Washington?
  • Ashley Greene was doing this Victorian Goth thing that didn't sit well with my stomach...
  • There is, literally, nothing good to be said about Kim Kardashian's custom Riccardo Tisci look except that she really needs to stop blindly wearing what Kanye tells her to wear. I love him but... no.
  • Beyonce was the worst dressed. I was utterly disappointed in her look. She looked exceedingly basic.  It is clear that she picked out the look based on the designer and not on the fact that it the ensemble is actually complimentary to her aesthetic. 
    • The top looks plastic and like it was purchased from 579
    • Her belt looks like she bought it from the beauty supply store.
    • Those boots were just ridiculously terrible. Nothing can fix those boots.
    • To hell with those gloves that match the skirt. I can't believe Riccardo got two people to do that foolishness.
    • Her hair styling and makeup choice looked too fresh and au naturale; it didn't mesh with the storyboard of the clothes at all. 
    • If she would have worn a slick, dark, long ponytail with dramatic lashes ... I think those two decisions alone would have greatly lifted her look. The silhouette of the dress is nice so maybe it is the flame detailing that is too distracting?
    • I have so may issues with this look.
    • You know what? If Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter had worn a slick, dark high long ponytail and black thigh high boots with stud detailing on the heels, this outfit would have been so much better. Or maybe even keeping the studs off the heels and wearing a diamond studded choker instead. Even if she kept the gloves, the look would have translated so much better. I just... Beyonce made me sad.

Well... now you have my rundown. What's your take? What did you love? What did you hate?

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