Street Art | E. King

Heading into the office, I walked past an artist silently listening to his headphones and working away on a piece of canvas. I initially just walked by but, after catching a glimpse of a striking Statue of Liberty piece, I turned back around and decided to see what else he had in store. I didn't have cash on me and wasn't expecting to purchase anything but I figured I could get his contact info and purchase something later. We chatted for a few minutes about his work and goals and I learned that he didn't have a website or business card. He was actually working on this piece when I walked up to him and, since I loved the concept so much, I stood and waited for him to finish it. I'm pretty diligent.

I love supporting the arts, especially local artists. Outside of his "E King" signature and numbering of his pieces, I have no clue who this gentleman was or how to get in contact with him but... I really enjoyed his work. I know he'll be in Miami later on this month putting on his first showcase so I pray that goes wonderfully well. 

I can't wait to put this up on my wall.

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