Flare, Flare Everywhere

We've been in Skinny Jean Season for so long that I can't even remember when the trend began. With the nostalgia of the 60s and 80s heavily impacting modern fashion as of late, I knew it was just a matter of time before the 70s began to infiltrate. And, just like clockwork, flared jeans starting appearing left and right on all my favorite street style blogs. Are you excited for the return of the wider leg into your wardrobe?

To be honest, on most of us, flares and wide-leg pants are way more flattering than skinny jeans. Flare and wide leg pants tend to hit the highs of your figure with a slim, flattering waist and the wider legs bring a sleek, balanced look. I got my favorite flared denim pants from from Gap over 5 years ago and I'm actually quite surprised that they look EXACTLY the same as when I got them. I wear them with everything to boyfriend racer back tanks to silk blouses to chambray shirts + bowties. Since they are longer in length, I tend to always wear them with heels. One of my favorite pair of jeans.

Flare jeans are a flattering fit for everyone. I love how they bring a bit more cool flamboyance when compared to the the sleek look of the skinny fit. Check out these cool styling ideas from Chictopia on how best wear your flares below.

Stripe La Flare

  1. To go for a complete ‘70s look, pair your flared jeans or trousers with wedges, platforms or clogs. Take note that a slightly pointed toe will give you a better line than a rounded one, in order to continue the idea of length. 
  2. Pair with tops that are tucked in with a sleek, skinny belt for a more waist-defining look. Wear them with sheer & chiffon tops that flow just right for a polished look. 
  3. Update your look by wearing your easy flares with a crisp blazer. 
  4. Try a floppy hat & some oversized ‘70s sunglasses for a bohemian look. 
  5. If worn right, petite women can use flares to their advantage. Make sure to buy your flared friends at a floor-sweeping length so you can hide your sky-est high heels underneath! 
  6. For women who are top-heavy, flares are great for balancing out to give a more hour-glass look, giving a poised silhouette. 
  7. The ‘70s high-waist style can give the impression of a slimmer stomach & narrower hips. If bought in the perfect size, you can say goodbye to your muffin tops!
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