Roy Hargrove Quintet at The Hamilton LIVE

The DC Jazz Festival is an annual 2-week event that brings nearly 100 jazz performances to various venues all across the city. Since its inception nine years ago, Roy Hargrove has put on a show every single year. This year, I was finally able to attend the show and... man, oh, man. RH is spectacular.

I was first introduced to Roy Hargrove when I hard Q-Tip say his name right before the bridge of the Q-Tip x Erykah Badu track entitled Poetry a few years back. The way his trumpeteering caressed the beat of the song was absolutely flawless. I decided to research him a little bit and soon learned that his talent was behind some of the horn sounds on many of my favorite records, including D'Angelo's Spanish Joint and Send It On. I soon fell in love his albums so I was really excited to be able to check out Roy Hargrove at The Hamilton LIVE over the weekend. The Roy Hargrove Quintet is amazing and the show was absolutely spectacular. Check out a snippet of their performance below:

Now, go get some Roy Hargrove in your life. You will thank me later.

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