Style Diary: Street Sights

In my previous post, I discussed my struggles in not knowing how to combine my personal dress aesthetic with normative work wear. And then I wore a cropped top and maxi skirt to work the next day. In my defense, the cropped top was tucked into the skirt so I wasn't showing skin. And I wore a cardigan on top while at work. Its just that the high was 85 degrees and there was a nice breeze in the air and Game 7 of the NBA Finals were here and I was about to witness my team win their 3rd Championship and... well ... I really just had to do something nice, ya know?

And my skirt was blowing in the breeze and the Heat won their ring so yesterday was a good day. Well, sort of good because yesterday was the also the day Instagram decided to update their service by integrating video capabilities and we all began to realize just how long 15 seconds really was. Am I now subject to a 15 second video of you tying your shoe? Or is it 15 seconds of kissy faces in your bathroom mirror? Will people just read their tweegrams? How many relationships will go throw a hard season when boyfriends refuse to post videos with their girls? Why couldn't we just leave the videos to Vine and let the X-Pro II photographs flourish on their own medium? Is it really better to combine the two? I'm just a little skeptical. I sort of liked the compartmentalization of keeping my videos in one service and pictures in the other service. I'm just not sure I want VHS tapes in my photo albums, ya know? It'll be interesting to see how the kinks work themselves out over the next few months. And I, honestly, I hope Vine doesn't just die out because of this integration. Adding a feature to edit videos would be dope but I  like that there were no filters on that service. They're a young network that has a lot of room for improvement so I really do hope they just make changes and continue to grow. Because, from a girl that is really apprehensive when it comes to embracing new technologies, Vine is pretty dope. And, I will just have to deal with 15 seconds of your 10-year old splashing about in an above ground pool, I guess. The times are swiftly changing and I don't know if it's for the better or worse.


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