Style Diary: Florals + Sequins

I really adore this skirt (last seen here) but for some reason, I struggle with how to style it. My default thought it just to pair it with a black or white blouse and some vibrant shoes but... I can't wear it that way every single time, right? I love this floral blouse and have only wore it once so I went on a limb and decided to wear it with this sequin skirt. I think I like how it looks paired together but I struggled with how to accessorize it. I settled on a navy clutch and nude pumps and, 2 days later, I'm still not sure if it was a good idea. Perhaps nude heeled sandals would've been a better look? A few bracelets and rings to accentuate the luster of the skirt?

This look reminds me of just how essential the right accoutrements and accessories are in mastering a look. Its not that the styling is bad... I just think it could have been executed better with the right accessories. Nude sandals, 2-3 gold rings, 3 stacked gold necklaces, and a simple gold necklace. The icing is equally important as the cake, wouldn't you agree?

It's all about trial and error.  I'm sure I'll figure this thing out soon enough. Which means look forward to more pictures of the skirt.


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