Tonasha J. [Styled by Jane]

My friend Tonasha recently reached out to me on Twitter to help her style these cut-out wedge heels from Christian Siriano. I am in love/obsessed with those shoes and think they are pure architectural genius but, as an owner of the same shoe, I know it isn't something that lends it self to being styled easily. Because Tonasha's personal style is mainly feminine and flirtatious and this shoe is heavy and aggressive, I wanted to create a look that played up on those masculine undertones while still staying within her personal aesthetic. Something that brought in volume and va-va-voom and still paid homage to the rebellious nature of the shoe. I suggested an a-line black skirt with a menswear-influenced collared shirt. Tonasha has Senegalese twists in that she mainly wears twists down her shoulder so I figured a high bun to bring out her face and a bold lip color to give people something to notice.

Styled by Jane, Pt 1

As with every successful styling, it's up to the client to take the suggestion and make it their own by encasing it with their own personal style. I absolutely loved how Tonasha took the basic skeletal outline of the look but made it her own by pairing an eyelet navy a-line skirt with a white collared shirt with gold details on the collar tips. MAC Rebel was the perfect bold color to highlight this dreamy summer look. 

 A totally perfect piece of execution! To get the full outfit details (as well as more great beauty and fashion posts from the doctor herself), check out Tonasha's Blog, Perfectly Imperfec-T. If you're interested in any styling assistance, shoot me an email, send me a question on Tumblr, or tweet me!



  1. Soooo...I totally want that MAC me over Matte lipstick


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