Ulah Bistro Gets Some Retail Therapy

Yesterday, I attended Simone Butterfly's Retail Therapy: Fashion Out Loud event at Ulah Bistro. This happy hour fete brought together the fashion bloggers, retailers, designers, and enthusiasts from all across the DMV to celebrate the burgeoning fashion industry on DC's historical U Street as well as Simone Butterfly's monthly 'Retail Therapy' column.

Simone Butterfly is a "fabulous freelance fashion investigator" that is the brain child of fashion attorney/blogger/marketer/enthusiast Mariessa Terrell. Every month she sleuths through the streets of DC to find all the fashionable fetes, boutiques, and events in the city and reports back in her monthly "Retail Therapy" column for MidCity DC. In celebration of the happy hour, there was actually life-size Simone Butterfly Barbie Doll. Well played, Ms. Terrell. Well played.

Throughout the event, Simone Butterfly raffled off tons of awesome prizes from local retailers. I won this collection of fabulous bracelets from Elaine Luxe. This may have been my first time ever winning a raffle prize so I was extremely geeked.

It was definitely a great time last night. Be sure to check out monthly 'Retail Therapy' column and follow Simone Butterfly on Twitter for updates on all things fabulous and fancy in DC.

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