27. Take a Pole Dancing Class [The 28 Before 28 Project]

As part of my 28 Before 28 Project, I decided to try a pole dance class. My interest levels in pole dance or chair dance or anything similar is at, approximately, negative eighty-three. But, I felt it was very important to do something that I generally wouldn't do as part of this project and, well, I'm not jumping out of a plane. So... pole dance it is.

When I was asked to help plan my cousin's Bachelorette party, I figured pole dance would be the better alternative to, say, male strippers. And, of course, there are the life skills she would acquire that would be quite useful to her marriage life. And I love killing two birds with one stone (and avoiding male strippers) so we decided to hold the Bachelorette party at SpinArella in Atlanta, GA.

We took two classes: Jiggle and Pole Seduction. Jiggle is, essentially, an hour class that instructs one on the art and skill of making that booty work. Popping, clapping, twerking, jiggling, and etcetera. The Pole Seduction class was an interesting experience. We did pole climbs, seated spin, back bends, floor figurehead, head rolls, and all manners of seductress material. My shyness eventually got the best of me and I was just overwhelmed so I began watching more than participating but... I got my entire life during those classes. Be ye not deceived - I did a couple fireman spins, a backwards roll, and a pirouette pose or three. Life skills were acquired ;-). I'm not sure if I would take any more classes but it was definitely a great experience. Way better than jumping out a plane.

 If you are in the Atlanta Metro Area and are interested in pole dancing, I would definitely suggest SpinArella. The staff is warm, inviting, and extremely knowledgable. They can move on that pole and look spectacularly sexy doing so. It is a phenomenal experience!



  1. I took a pole class once, and I absolutely loved it! I felt like it was all about helping every woman in the class find her inner sexy goddess


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