Last night, I got to check out the film 'Big Words' as a part of the 12th Annual DC Hip-Hop Theater Festival. I never head of the film before my friend invited me to see it but, as soon as I saw Jean Grae (rapper), Darien Sills-Evans (Darien from The Cosby Show), and Dorian Missick (Moozlum) on the cast list, I know I would absolutely be there.

The film is about the life of 3 members of a former rap group (consisting of 2 cousins and a friend) on the day of Barack Obama's historic election in 2008. The group hasn't really interacted since their break-up almost 15 years prior and the audience gets to catch a glimpse of James, John, and Malik's current state of existence and, also, the dynamics of what happens when their paths cross on that historic night.

After the screening, we got a chance to have a Q&A with director/Writer Neil Drumming. It was really great learning about his professional background, inspiration, the process of creating this film, and his hopes for what this film could create. Although I left the theater with a million story line questions, I believe the film did what it was supposed to do by sparking dialogue instead of just giving you neatly packaged answers. Topics of mental paralysis, homosexuality in hip-hop, the power of self-defeating thoughts, optimism, and rose-colored glasses were just a few ideas mulled over in the film. It's definitely a Thinking Man's kind of move... and I loved it! All in all, it was definitely a great film - great cast, phenomenal acting, beautiful direction and cinematography. It is something I would suggest you see if you get the chance. Check the Big Words site for screening dates in your local area. Or consider creating a Tugg event to bring it towards you!


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