'Totes for Kids' with 4HNYC x Phoenix Refined

Yesterday, the 4HNYC Leadership Board and some volunteers came together to fill tote bags with toiletries, school supplies, and books for the students at Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in the Village de La Renaissance, Haiti. 

4HNYC started in 2012 with one goal: improve the educational outcome of Haitian children. Statistics tells us that 50% of primary school age children in Haiti are not enrolled in school, approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade, and 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. Currently, 37.9% of the Haitian population is unable to read or write (the rest of Latin America has a 12% illiteracy rate). Last year, 4HNYC was able to send school supplies and toiletries to 100 students in Haiti to help support their quest for education. This year, we raised the bar higher and began fundraising efforts to purchase supplies (as well as accepting donations) in January 2013 with all the fundraising efforts ending on May 18th with a charity happy hour. From socks, toothbrushes, soap, and hair products to notebooks, encyclopedias, folders, pens, and books, the outpour of donations and support was amazing!! This year we were able to fill 200 bags with supplies, books, and toiletries! On July 21st, 4HNYC partner with Phoenix Refined for this bag-filling event in Downtown Brooklyn. It was a great time finally putting a face to the different names who have helped along the way and making new friends and building connections.

I'm sooo proud to be on the leadership board of this organization and see such great work coming from young adults who care enough to give back to their community. Thanks so much to everyone who supports the cause whether it be through money, time, talents, or prayers. To keep up with 4HNYC and learn about more philanthropic efforts to assist individuals in Haiti, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


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