23. Buy the Cutest Guy at the Bar a Drink [The 28-Before-28 Project]

"Do you want something to drink?", I sheepishly asked him.
"Sure", he responded quietly. He pushed his empty glass towards the edge of the bar. "What do you want to try?"

This is the part I hate. Because I always order the same thing. And when that "same thing" is a long island iced tea, people tend to get really judge-y. And vodka is very much undergrad and loud noises and offbeat dancing and "you wanna get outta here?". So... no. And tequila is... I really don't understand why anyone would ever want tequila. I know alcohol, as a rule, doesn't taste good but they really didn't even try when it comes to tequila. I can never remember if gin + lime is what I actually like or if it was mixed with something else.

"Um.. I'm thinking Jameson. Neat."

And, thus, this is how we began....

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  1. This was pretty dope!

    Consider ordering a "Washington apple" with a splash of sprite... just give it a try :->

    1. I'm gonna try it tonight! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    2. it was delicious and strong! I got it without the splash of sprite. This is gonna be my new go-to. thanks!

  2. Thats soo cute!! What happened after?!? Digits? Love? Like?

    Im going to try that!

    1. Try it! It was exhilarating. Just good convo. AKA ... he has a boo. ( '_')


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