Style Diary: Cubicle Chronicles

Just me. In my cubicle. Having a mini photo shoot. Hoping that no one comes around that corner anytime soon. One day I will find the perfect angle to get my whole body and everything will be alright.



  1. I have this same skirt and I've been dying to wear it. I bought it on clearance and neglected to try it on in the store, and when I got home, it fit weird. I opened the pockets and VOILA! It fits like magic. Love your pairing of the chambray top!

    1. I'm glad you made it work! I didn't even realize it had pockets until just now soo... thanks for sharing. LOL. The fit of Target Pencil Skirts are sorta weird to me. I wish they would sit a bit higher on the waist because they tend to make us hippy folk just look wide. That's why I barely wear this one. I really do love the pattern though.