A Little Bohemian

I remember, about a decade ago, when everyone used to get excited for Forever 21. Trendy pieces at an affordable price but exclusively found on California. Slowly it began drifting over to the East and Mid-Atlantic. People down South had to wait a little later to gain access to the phenomenon. I specifically remember, in undergrad in Alabama, how NY/CA people from would brag about their F21 digs to the Southern people who had to access to the store. My college town got its first (and only) Forever 21 back in 2009 and it was like unicorn tears had been unleashed to the masses. There was so much excitement and pandemonium. I was happy to see so many people fulfilled. But, as with all things that are no longer arbitrarily exclusive, it's wide availability made people began to resent the brand. 

The Lost Files

Snapped these a few days ago but never really wore this look out the house. I remember feeling really ill while taking these pics and ended up just walking back into the house, getting undressed, and climbing back in bed. On another somber note, that leather skirt is barely fitting me these days. I think I need to hit a few thrift stores and see if I can find a new one. Not sure if I can commit to full retail quite yet. 



I decided to celebrate the last day of summer by wearing my legs out for one final time. I paired my trusty oxblood Zara sweater with a floral skirt and leopard belt. Insane 6" Christian Siriano wedges was the icing on the cake!

Adieu, Summer 2013! You will surely be missed!


Style Diary: Vintage Dress

I got this dress a few weeks ago when I went to Eastern Market at a vintage consignment booth. I love the retro wallpaper-esque print of the dress. I paired it with white cage heels and a cat ear headband for some fun. I definitely have to hit that booth back up for some more treasures. This dress is perfection to me.


Shopping Guide: The Floppy-Brimmed Fedora

Otte Alexis Hat - $125
(in black, olive, and oxblood)

Now that I have officially checked off my thigh high boot lust off the list, next up is the floppy brim fedora. I have a couple wide brim fedoras that I got from my grandfather but I have really lusting for an oxblood color for the fall/winter months. I really love the shape of the Otte hats and the structures of the brim. It isn't as wide or as floppy as many of the hats that are on trend. It also has a more classic fedora shape in the body instead of just a more round crown. I think it is the perfect marriage between trend and classic. Christina of Trop Rouge makes them look so chic! And, I am totally grateful for her hipping me to this wonderful hat. I can't wait to wear this oxblood baby everywhere!!

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Style Diary: Waves and a Hi-Waist

Just jeans and a tee today. I woke up with a crick in my neck and funky feeling in my spirit so I threw on my favorite hi-waist denim trousers. I'm relying on the little things to lift my mood on this day. Here's to hoping things improve as the day progresses.


Style Diary: Color Block

I think I'm officially ready for Fall and Winter. I want my oxbloods, navys, and grays back in my life. Never thought the day would come wear I'd yearn for the cooler months over the summer but... here we are. I'm officially a fan of all the seasons.