A Little Bohemian

I remember, about a decade ago, when everyone used to get excited for Forever 21. Trendy pieces at an affordable price but exclusively found on California. Slowly it began drifting over to the East and Mid-Atlantic. People down South had to wait a little later to gain access to the phenomenon. I specifically remember, in undergrad in Alabama, how NY/CA people from would brag about their F21 digs to the Southern people who had to access to the store. My college town got its first (and only) Forever 21 back in 2009 and it was like unicorn tears had been unleashed to the masses. There was so much excitement and pandemonium. I was happy to see so many people fulfilled. But, as with all things that are no longer arbitrarily exclusive, it's wide availability made people began to resent the brand. 

"They're clothes are just low quality." 
"They never last." 
"I'm just big on investing in quality pieces now."
"It's such a teenage store."

Because I never reeeeallly went for trendy pieces and because I'm 5'6" and every bottom from that shop has always scandalously short on me, I never really ventured into the store much. But somewhere, over the past year and a half, I find myself gravitating to the store more and more. Most of it stems from the fact that my job is 3 blocks away from one and I tend to go there when I need a quick shirt to change into for an after-work event. But then I noticed their Love 21 line, aimed for contemporary young adults. It was a little less high school and a bit more happy hour and I soon just kept returning and returning.

And now, here I stand in front of you in full Forever 21 garb. Well, minus the fringe booties and the jewelry. And it always comes off as a surprise when I tell people "Oh.. its from Forever.." since most people i my age group have"evolved" into Zara-ites. But, the truth is, most of the things I've acquired from there have lasted me a long time and I do get tons of wear from them. And, maybe, it's a bit of my personal style that makes the pieces seem so unexpected. Not sure how I pulled it off but Forever 21 seems to be working for me as of late.

Anywho, I really love this bohemian cardigan-shirt-kimono thing. 


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  1. lmao at this post. *unicorn tears*
    i'm starting to hit up f21 less now. their clothes don't really fit me as well as h&m and zara. and like you said, their a little on the raunchy side. but i do shop there. especially in the clutch hour when i need a top or necklace.